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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about adding a listing or purchasing an upgrade? This is where you can find an answer.


Who does the Quality Consultant Directory actually serve – the consumer or consultants?

Both. Consumers benefit by having a single Website where they can quickly and easily find a nearby quality consultant that matches their needs. Consultants benefit by gaining Internet visibility among potential clients in an affordable fashion.

Is the Quality Consultant Directory actually reviewed by editors or is everything automated?

Every submission – even the free ones – to the Find Quality Consultant Directory is reviewed by a human editor. We verify that the company has a Web page at the submitted URL and offers the services and/or products claimed in their submission.

How can I submit my consulting services to the Quality Consultant Directory?

We offer a FREE listing to qualified consultants and relevant software companies. Simply begin by joining the directory or signing into your existing free account. Then click on “Add Listing” to select your Listing Plan. Follow instructions thereafter to provide information for your listing.

What are the advantages of an upgraded consultant listing?

Paid listings offer qualified consultants and software companies enhanced Internet visibility among prospective clients for just a few cents per day.

I purchased an upgraded Listing Plan, but I didn’t see a place to enter all the options included with the Plan.

Once your Upgraded Plan has been submitted and approved, go to your Dashboard (hint: Click on your name in the upper banner) to complete additional options.

Can I modify my listing?

Yes. You can modify your listing at any time by logging into the account created during the initial submission. Go to your Dashboard (hint: click on your name) to edit your listing (click on dots on the right). All modifications are subject to review before being published.

If I already have a listing, how can I upgrade it to a paid plan?

Just go to your account Dashboard (click on your user name in the top menu) and click on Listings, then the dots on the right to select “Change Plan.”

I added my listing. Why can’t I see it yet?

All listings are reviewed by our staff before going live. Among other things, we verify that your website exists and is functional. We also review your listing against the services and locations offered on the website for accuracy. Only the FQC Editor can release your listing for public display. You will receive an email when that happens or if we have additional questions. Not all listing submissions are approved.

If I don’t have a website, can I still submit a listing?

No. But if you have an alternative solution, such as a LinkedIn site or Facebook business page, we will consider that. However, contact and services information must be clearly visible on any submitted online site. For detailed information on submitting a site, please see Submission Guidelines.

For how long is a listing or Upgrade published?

Listings and Upgrades are published for 365 days from the day of submission. You will receive notice when a listing is within 30 days of expiring. Expired listings will either be bumped down to the “Free Listing” display or discontinued at the discretion of FQC management.

If my listing submission is not approved, what happens?

You will receive email notification. If an upgrade was purchased, a full refund will be issued to you. We employ transparency in all our transactions.

PayPal Payments.

Do I have to open a PayPal account to subscribe to a listing  upgrade or option? No. PayPal can handle credit or debit card transactions as well.